Selfportraits / Ramona Macho (DK)

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Bo Hagen Clausen

Artist Name: Ramona Macho
Project Title: Selfportraits
Facebook: Ramona Macho

Short Biography

1991-94  Norwegian Puppet Theater School, Frederiksstad
1994/98  The Danish National Film school. Animation

During my years as a performer I have changed looks and persona, constantly. My looks always contains a persona. It can emerge out of a certain costume, a wig or an accessory. Or just out of my emotional state at that given moment.  Being partly constructed and also emotionally rooted, ramonas many faces are both authentic and designed.
A look without an inner awareness, is “dead” to me. When asked, I call myself a transvestite-performer/artist. Partly because I have lived as a transvestite for a while, and also because  the word transvestite is more authentic and confronting, compaired to the “funny” and superficial word drag-queen.
This is a series of self-portraits, taken at home, or before and after performances.  Some  of the photos have been developed digitally. And one is a digital painting. Three photos have been shot by others.