Adomas Danusevičius. Becoming minority (LT)

Adomas Danusevičius. Becoming minority, 2012. Oil on canvas, 140×170

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. 20 Years of LGBT Freedom in Lithuania
June 23 – August 6, 2013
Contemporary Art Centre, Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius

“From Dust till Dawn” is the first exhibition of queer history and culture in Lithuania, showing pivotal moments of LGBT activity and related art projects from 1993 till 2013. The historical documentation (photographs, TV reportages, publications) together with art works reveal the political, social and individual struggle for equal rights and recognition. The exhibition combines anthropological and visual perspectives and invites the viewer to follow an interactive timeline.

The exhibition spaces create a symbolically subversive context. The CAC basement is a reminder of marginal queer places of the 1990s and stands for a metaphor of the closet. Now it is open to everybody willing to explore queer reflections in contemporary Lithuanian art: manifestations of different sexualities, homoerotic passion, censorship, performative bodies, marginalisation, living together.

The Reading Room is a place for active remembering, being together, spending time reading and discussing. Queer narratives spread out from the timeline to the walls, windows, tables and shelves of the library. (De)constructions of historical context happens in the present together with readings of queer poetry. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in English and Lithuanian.

Curator – Laima Kreivytė, assistant – Dalia Mikonytė. Architect – Julija Reklaitė. Organiser – Lithuanian Gay League (LGL).

Collateral events:

Photography exhibition by Aušra Volungė
Wednesday, 24th July, 5 pm
Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum, Pilies g. 40, Vilnius

Photography exhibition by Virgilijus Šonta (1952–1992)
Wednesday, 24th July, 6 pm
Modern Art Center, Literatų g. 8, Vilnius

Poetry reading with Eileen Myles,
winner of the 2011 Lambda Award for Lesbian Fiction

Wednesday, 24th July, 7 pm
CAC Reading Room

Queer Words. Poetry and prose readings
Tuesday, 30th July, 7 pm
CAC Reading Room

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