Queer Geographies 2014 ed. Lasse Lau, Mathias Kryger et. al.

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    September 2014

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    New book Queer Geographies: Beirut, Tijuana, Copenhagen.

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    This book explores the possibilities of queer identities lived outside of the heteronormative supremacy, uncovering how gender and sexuality are shaped differently by the landscapes of cities and examining how we can shape and form the city ourselves. The works and texts stem from Queer Geography workshops held in Beirut, Tijuana, and Copenhagen.

    Edited by Lasse Lau, Mirene Arsanios, Felipe Zuñiga and Mathias Kryger. Design Omar Mismar


  • Long Description


    Before the Beginnings… 8
    Lasse Lau

    A Queer Geographer’s Life as an Introduction to Queer Theory, Space, and Time 14
    Jen Jack Gieseking

    Rajwa and Rajwa 22
    Randa Mirza

    Beirut Can Be Fun 24
    Mirene Arsanios

    A Hands Routine 26
    Omar Mismar

    The Thought of Sex — The problematic presentation of Let It Be in Beirut 28
    Akram Zaatari

    Wonderland Uncovered 44

    Rasif Beirut 46
    Ghiwa Sayegh

    Beirut Fantasies 48
    Colin Whitaker

    I’ve Heard Stories 1 50
    Marwa Arsanios

    Des Constructions 52
    François-Xavier Courrèges

    Tajwal 56
    Alexandre Paulikevitch

    LGBTIQ NGOs in Lebanon in the Wake of Postcolonialism
    and Joseph Masaad’s Critique 58
    Jedidiah Anderson

    Wigged fez on tombstone 64
    Hamed Sinno

    Barely Bodies 66
    Ali Cherri

    Lonely Hearts on Wheels 68
    Richard Kahwagi

    Yet, see him through my eyes 70
    Alex Baczynski-Jenkins

    Pinkwashing in Context 74
    Rayya Wehbe

    Beirut, a City Under my Skin 76
    Giulia Guadagnoli

    Untitled 78
    Aya Tarek

    QueeR code 80
    Abril Castro

    Ventriloquy Show by Way of an Introduction: A Cacophony of Good and Bad Intentions 82
    Felipe Zúñiga-González

    Untitled 86
    Flo Maak

    Tijuana Cuir 90
    Dr. Sayak Valencia Triana

    Ser yo y no morir en el intento 96
    Colectivo Tripié: Cesar Fassio, Yadira Noble, Michel Rivera and Elisa Zapata

    Chico busca chico 98
    John Pluecker

    Galán 100
    Gabriel Boils

    Plaza Santa Cecilia: Public Territory in the Process of Being Conquered 106
    Max Mejía and Jesse Anguiano

    Cosmonaut 108
    Felipe Zúñiga-González

    Transborder Immigrant Tool and Autonets: Survival as Resistance 110

    Micha Cárdenas
    Queer crossing 118

    Madam Fancy
    Experiences and Reflections on Citizenship

    Construction in Baja California
    from a Perspective of Gender and Sexual Diversity 120

    Rocío Del Río Valverde and Heber Huizar Contreras

    Technicolor? Or just rainbow tinted lenses 124
    Jennifer Donovan and Sayak Valencia

    Challenges, Promises, and Pitfalls of Queer Theory 128
    Brad Epps

    M.O.M. / Shinderei der Sachlichkeit / Amistad Autentica 142
    RicHard MendTorr

    Paramnesia 146
    Mathias Kryger

    I Am the Only One Here, Who Is Not Insane 150
    Line Lee Skywalker Karlström

    How Does One Stop Being a Gay and Start Becoming a Faggot? 154
    Mads Ananda Lodahl

    Queer Mobsites — Queer Mobile Computing 156
    Lene Leth Rasmussen

    Night Swimming 158
    Lars Christian Rank

    Botanical Backlash: Lasse Lau and a Project about Cruising in a Copenhagen Park 160
    Mathias Kryger

    Ever giving useless man 168
    Martin Jacob Nielsen

    A Fairytale 170
    Bjørn Rasmussen

    Untitled 172
    Flo Maak

    #15, #31, #34 174

    Jørgen Callesen / Miss Fish

    Eight Places on the List of Violence 182
    Camilla Tved

    Hvis verden ligger i lagner? 186
    Trine Munk

    Bordered Bodies 188
    Mads Ted Drud-Jensen and Sune Prahl Knudsen

    Are you a gun / Nothing 194
    Tomas Lagermand Lundme

    What and Where Next? Some Thoughts on a Spatially 196
    Queered Recommended Reading List
    Jen Jack Gieseking

    Biographies 20


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    Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark

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