miss fish interview in Contemporary Other by Emma Møller (DK)




Contemporary Other was formed out the desire to dedicate a sole publication to the modern marginalised identity. To deny the standardisations of our cultural and artistic diet and give precedence to diversity of thought.

CO. will be a limited edition publication, a celebration and portrayal of artists working now, within our super post modern experience and their contribution and necessity to the fields of art, performance, politics and culture.

CO. is interested in building a platform for the documentation and discussion on subjectivity for the modern ‘others’ experience. The idea of the other and otherness is pivotal to sociological analysis of how majority and minority identities are constructed in society. Contemporary Other therefore is interested in the dismissal of the majority and favouring the other.

We favour the individual whose identity does not conform unambiguously to the conventional. We favour the marginalised, the dark, the east, the feminist, the queer, the radical, the subordinate, the transnational, the post human, the admix that is the contemporary other. CO. ‘s purpose is not the reaffirmation of the concept of us and other but is concerned with lack of awareness of social constructions hence our name.

Contemporary Other is interested in developing a discourse on the modern subaltern experience. That is no longer obvious, predictable and easy to identify. But interested in being reflexive and to re-negotiate the hegemonic constructed identities that have produced the dialogue such as ‘other’

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