Miss Fish & The Drowners – Queer Art Punk Band – (DK)

The Beauty Regime – VIDEO directed by Thom Ravnholdt

.. MISS FISH & THE DROWNERS is an art punk band inspired by punk rock, electronic music, puppet theater, dark german movies, the beauty of the ocean and the infinity of the mind ..

PHOTO Backstage at SO36, Berlin by Ingo Lamb

Miss Fish & The Drowners (BAND)
Miss Fish – vocals, songwriter
Kenni Corvette – vocals – Guitar – Bass
Maria Juntunen – vocals – Drums – Drumpad – Percussion

Miss Fish and the Drowners is a Copenhagen based art punk trio playing stripped down punk, electro and art rock in experimental and theatrical concerts.

The Band was founded in 2012 and played their debut concert at Stengade30 venue, Copenhagen, DK supporting Black Fag(US). Since then they have played in different underground and queer venues in Copenhagen such a Loppen, Salon Pissoir and Warehouse9. In January 2013 they played at the Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival @ SO36 in Berlin, with Steve Morell Band, Dead Sexy and Nuclear Family.

As a singer and songwriter Miss Fish has collaborated with different musicians & composers including The Cahinsaw Eaters, Prafix Aztech, Martin Hall, Minimal Martin, Giuseppe de Bellis, Mathuresh, Johnny Warehouse and Luis Miguelez. Miss Fish has released singles on Pale Music International, Useless Salvation and Broken Mirror Records and has performed in Denmark, England, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain at festivals,nightclubs and underground venues for a decade. In Berlin Miss Fish is a know face in the queer electro punk scene since his debut at Chantals House of Shame in 2005 and at the legendary “Berlin Insane Event” at Volksbühne in October 2006.

Maria Juntunen plays drums with garage and punk rock bands – The Chop Chop Family and Nelson Can. Kenni Corvette is singer, guitarist and bass player and works with DK indebands Velour and the New Investors.