Miss Fish aka. Jørgen Callesen (Denmark)






Organ Parade Performance with video
NO BURLESQUE FESTIVAL, 29.-30. September 2010 Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark
curated by Christian Van Schijndel

CONCEPT & IDEA jørgen callesen
COSTUME christian van schijndel
VIDEO Jacob Tekiela
MUSIC The Jesus & Mary Chain
ARTISTIC DIRECTION gritt uldall-jessen

PHOTOS by Jacob Tekiela

Jørgen Callesen, born 1966 is a danish artist, curator, artistic director, teacher, researcher and a queer activist.
He holds a Ph.D. in information & media studies form Århus University and has artistic training and influence from media art, puppetry and butoh.

At present he is the artistic director of the live art venue – Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen, which is the first State Funded art space in Denmark with a queer profile.

Since 2001 he has beeen part of the Danish and International queer scene as a co-funder of the performance ensemble “dunst” in which he acted under the name “miss fish”. Both under his civil name and as the performance figure “miss fish” he has done several art actions, performances, lectures and installations to question and challenge norms and aesthetics regarding gender and identity. The pieces have been presented in different formats and venues ranging from art academies, theater festivals, TV interviews, electro concerts, DJ sets, public interventions etc.
Miss Fish is also a singer and a songwriter currently performing with the art punk band “Miss Fish & The Drowners” festuring Kenni Korvette on vocals, gutar & bass guitar and Maria Juntunen on vocals, drums & drumpad.

As a researcher he is interested in documentation and dissemination of theory and practice in Live Art and Queer Art.