INKONST – Theater/Music/Art venue, Malmö, Sweden

Inkonst is an international art center in Malmö featuring music, theatre, dance, performances, film, literature and art all under the same roof. Our aim is to present the world of contemporary art and create a platform for the new upcoming, along with the already established generation of artists, directors, musicians, film makers and culture promoters, nationally and internationally.

Focusing on interdisciplinary works and offering a platform for experimentation we want to establish new perspectives on performance art. Our aim is to initiate and foster long-term artistic collaborations and stimulate international co-production and cooperation between different fields of art. Inkonst is located in the former chocolate factory Mazetti in the centre of Malmö, in the expansive Oresund region, where Copenhagen also is included.

Bergsgatan 29
214 22 Malmö, Sverige
+46 40 30 65 97

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