Queer i Folkets Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark


The People’s House is a user-controlled political and cultural house driven by voluntary activists. We fight for and try to create diversity, solidarity and democracy in practice – with neighbour chill, yoga, films, parties, feminism, grassroot politics, boxing, great coffee, tai chi, table tennis tournaments, anti-racism, activism, children’s activities, quiz nights and a lot more! We have lots of space for creative ideas and local engagement. Read more about Folkets Hus on www.folketshus.dk

ADDRESS Folkets Hus, Stengade 50, 2200 KĂžbenhavn N, Denmark
EMAIL queerifolkets@gmail.com
WEB >> Facebook Page


We wish to create a safe space where queers can meet, hang out, discuss and be inspired by each other, support each other, plan political activism together – and challenge the norms for gender, expression and relations.

We organize activities such as queer movies, performance nights and workshops on verbal self defence and non-monogamy. The activities develop ongoing.

The activities are primarily on the first floor in the house. There is room for everybody who gives space to everybody – heterosexism, transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, sexism and racism is not accepted!


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